349/365 : More Paintings

This is Benjamin Bunny, he is a character by Beatrix Potter. This is another painting that we have that Andy's Grandfather gave to him back in 1981. On the back of the frame he hand wrote part of Benjamin Bunny's story. He had painted one of the characters for each of the grandchildren.

I think the picture below is my favorite though. It is done in watercolor and just off to the left of the larger ship you can see the Royal Liver Building which is in Liverpool. That is one of my favorite buildings and I love that it is in this painting. I have talked about this building back on Day 167. I was shocked when we first moved over here because we had saw on the news that they had taken a poll for the ugliest buildings in England and that the Liver Building was voted in the top 10. I have no idea why, I love it!

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