363/365 : Still Flying High

I got this balloon at my birthday party at work 18 days ago and it is still flying high! I don't think I have ever seen a helium balloon last this long. I am keeping it around just so I can see how long it sticks around.

Also, on another note, I can't believe I have almost completed my 365. I started it the day we landed in England and now I am only two days away from being here a year. Wow! It does not seem like a year already.

But don't worry... My 365 will be continuing. I have enjoyed it and am looking forward to seeing what year two has in store!

High: 57°
Low: 52°
Forecast: Times of Clouds and Sun
Sunrise: 7:07 AM
Sunset: 6:54 PM

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Gloria said...

The weather continues to be at a low lol! and happy belated birthday to you!!