362/365 : Spot The Difference?

I ran out of White Aida so I had to go to one and only large craft store that I know of in England, Hobby Craft, and buy some more.

There were something like 2-3 different brands and I bought the best one I could find in 14 count. Well... when I got home and had a proper look at it I am very disappointed!

The one on the left is the UK Aida and the one on the right is a scrap I have left of the Charles Craft Aida from the US.

Look how big the holes are on the on the left! I mean you can drive a truck through those things... I did give it a shot though just to show I tried to use it but it is horrible! There is not enough weave on it and even when you put your thread behind to start off you can see the color through on the other side. And because the holes are SO big the pattern does not seem to come together correctly.

I feel so sorry for the people of England... this is some crap Aida folks!

Luckily I found a UK based website that has Charles Craft Aida for sale and I have ordered five 15" x 18" pieces of 14 count white so that I can finish my project. I have bookmarked the site and I will be buying from them from now on... I can't deal with this other stuff.

England crafters wouldn't know what hit them to have a proper crafts store like Hobby Lobby or Michaels!

Anybody who cross stitches in the UK and wants to buy the BEST Aida that is made, Charles Craft, then I would suggest buying it from this site: K@tZ XStitch The prices are excellent and they ship the next day! They even have DMC Floss really cheap! We all remember that at Hobby Craft it is .79 for one color! On this site they are .32 for one color and it gets cheaper the more you buy!

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Gloria said...

Never heard of the stuff but enjoyed your posting just the same!