Year Two 15/365 : Seasons of Change

The canteen (cafeteria) at work is always the following:

1) Busy
2) Hot
3) Loud

For the above reasons Andy and I have started eating our lunch in the car. I love it!

It is quiet, we can chat or we can each do our own thing for 30 minutes. He usually plays something on his iTouch and I check my eMail, Facebook and text Meg (have I mentioned how much I love my iPhone?).

Our building is right next to a canal but unfortunately there is this rather steep hill and fence blocking us from having a nice place to walk on our lunch. Since we only get 30 minutes it wouldn't be worth the walk down the street to the next closest opening.

However one day I will make it over there so that I can share a picture.

High: 53°
Low: 51°
Forecast: Late Showers
Sunrise: 7:37 AM
Sunset: 6:13 PM

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Meg said...

Yay to me having a "spot" in your daily routine. I heart Christine texts!!!