Year Two 16/365 : Morning Ritual Interrupted

I always get out of bed first in the mornings. I usually tend to take my showers at night but I always wash my hair every morning.

I will go and wash my hair and when I am done with this Andy usually rolls out of bed and I continue to blow dry and straighten my hair.

After I am done with this I go back into the bedroom to make the bed.

Well not this morning.

This is what I walked into the bedroom to find... Now I don't know about any of you but there was no way I could disrupt this scene, I mean look how cute they are!

I would like to point out that Rooney (top left) does actually bury himself under the covers. This was not an effect faked for the purpose of taking a cuter photo. In fact I was shocked that he left his head out as he usually goes all the way under. There is hardly a day that goes by that we come home and do not find that he has dug himself up and under the covers on our bed.

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