Year Two 22/365 : What a Relief!

Our car has been making a strange rattling metal sound for a couple weeks now. We called and booked it into a local garage last week but today was their first opening. It actually worked out perfectly because I am working on Saturday which means I have today off as my day in lieu.

Andy and I dropped it off before 8:00am this morning and then he went to work and I went back home a nervous wreck waiting for the mechanic to call with the news.

Well... it didn't take him long. At 8:53 he called to say that it was a warn/loose section of the exhaust that needed to be replaced. Parts, labor and VAT (tax) would come to £41.17 ($68.23)! I was overjoyed! I told him to get crackin with the repairs and at 10:15 he called to say it was done and that I could come after it.

Since it is a local garage I walked down, paid and then took it for a test run. The noise has completely stopped and I am so relieved.


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Meg said...

So glad it wasn't a huge repair -- always a relief!

Avey said...

Just want to say the garage you used is excellent. He did a little job for me and was honest when he could have ripped me off big style!!Exhaust needed a new strap to hold things welded on... National Tyre typr places wanted to replace the whole section. Garage billed me £10!!!

He has had our custom from then onwards.... MOT next week and Service.... hope he is consistent!!!

Christine said...

Thanks! Yeah I was very nervous about the though of how much it was going to cost to repair.

Avey- You live in around the Westhoughton area?

Avey said...

Certainly do.... I feel like a foreigner after 3 years though. Yorkshire family living in Lancashire!!!!

Got a season ticket at Reebok.... will not be cheering Everton though!! :)

Christine said...

Well I will be at the Reebok on Sunday cheering Everton! :) We are in very bad form at the moment though so I fancy your chances at getting some points.