Year Two 23/365 : Dress Down Fridays

At my job we have always been allowed to wear jeans on the last Friday of the month if we paid a £1.00 which went to a local charity. But why are Imy (right) and myself (left) wearing jeans when it is not the last Friday you might be asking? There has been a business change and now it is dress down day every Friday. YAY!!

Since I had yesterday off I received a text at around 4:15 or so from Nicola and Laura C who were passing on the good news. Well when Andy got home at around 4:40 I told him and he said he had not heard anything about it so he called his department and they told him they also have not heard anything. He then told me that I couldn't wear jeans if he couldn't... So I called HR and again they tell me that they know nothing about it. I explained that my department had been told and she said they must be playing a trick on me. She said she would check and then call me back.

About this time Laura C confirms that a confirmation eMail had finally been sent to the entire company at 5:04pm and then HR called back to confirm that Dress Down day will be every Friday as of tomorrow.

*whew* that was a lot of drama but I am so very happy to be able to dress down once a week.

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Rob and Aimee said...

Dress down Fridays are the best!

Love the Chucks. :)