Year Two 25/365 : It Could Be Worse...

I could be a Bolton FC Supporter! *shudder*

We only had to travel a few miles to the match today but unfortunately the result did not go our way. We were down 0-2, we came back after half time to 2-2 and then lost in the last 5 minutes 3-2.

I was shocked at how many seats were empty at the match. There are empty seats at Goodison but usually only the ones that have restricted viewing because of the old stadium and there are poles in the way for some seats.

Bolton even had cheerleaders on the pitch prior to the match... hahaha But the worst part was that they have a drum that they bang every time there was a goal kick and when they needed to try to get the home 'crowd' involved.

So yes we lost, we are not on our best form but I know we have 12 players injured right now who will be back this season. So yes we lost... but I could support Bolton!

Oh and while we were at the match we spotted a couple of things. James who is a co-worker has season tickets to Bolton (sorry about this anti Bolton blog James...) and I spotted him in the crowd. I guess it was easy to pick him out because of all of the empty seats (okay that was the last dig I promise).

And then when we were leaving Andy spotted an American flag hanging from the other side of the stadium.

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