Year Two 49/365 : Broken Boiler

Tonight while we were watching last weeks episode Desperate Housewives I made the comment that I was freezing... this is very unlike me as even in the dead of winter I prefer to have a fan on than the heat.

Andy got up to check the radiator and it was stone cold. Andy of course gave me 'that' look as he went into the kitchen to see if I had turned off the boiler as I sometimes do when I am too hot in the house. I confirmed I had not but he checked anyway.

After around 5 minutes he came back to say that the boiler was not turning on. I double checked and it was in fact not working. The number 40 and 80 kept flashing after you turned it on and off and after you hit reset.

So we called the landlord not thinking there was much that could happen at 8:00pm at night. He wasn't home so Andy left a message. At around 9:00pm he called back and said he probably wouldn't be able to get anybody out until tomorrow which we understood since it was so late.

It was at about this time that I remembered... *duh* We have a little electric fireplace in the living room that could be keeping us warm. So this is what the picture is of. There is a space under the rocks that light up and then the heat is pushed out from above them. It warmed us up rather quickly.

Then at 9:30pm the landlord called back and said it was too cold to make us go without heat and hot water so he and his plumber would be out in just a few minutes. They came in and it only took around 10 minutes for it to be fixed. There was no pressure so it was not igniting. He said if it happens again he will just replace the boiler.

So YAY for heat and hot water but an even bigger YAY for having such a great landlord!

High: 53°
Low: 45°
Forecast: Periods of Rain
Sunrise: 7:42 AM
Sunset: 4:08 PM

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