Year Two 50/365 : The One And Only

I know it seems like a random photo but it makes me laugh every time I come down this road and see this stop sign. This is seriously the only stop sign I have come across since moving to England. Not only is it the only one I have seen but look how tall it is! Andy actually had to point it out to me one day... it is just so tall.

I also laughed when I was taking my intensive driving lessons because the instructor pointed out that in Preston where I took my test there was in fact one stop sign and that I needed to keep an eye out for it as most people are not used to seeing them. I told him one thing I do not need help with is stop signs, I am quite used to them. Needless to say I was not taken on that driving test route so I never saw the mystery sign.

High: 54°
Low: 44°
Forecast: A Couple of Showers
Sunrise: 7:43 AM
Sunset: 4:07 PM

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