Year Two 56/365 : From Scratch

So... apparently they do not sell pre-made pie crusts in England. Not the kind that you can roll out to use and not the kind that you would find in the frozen food section. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

So I had to resort to making my own... from scratch.

The above mess was made even with wax paper that I had put down to roll the dough out on. Hopefully the Pumpkin and Pecan Pies taste better than this mess looks!

I now have four days off from work, tomorrow is Thanksgiving... great times!

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Low: 41°
Forecast: Very Windy
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Kim said...

Oh yeah...and Happy Thanksgiving! :-)

Kim said...

They do sell ready made pastry crusts in the refrigerated and freezer sections. It's called Jus Roll here and I think it's the same in England. No worries...I'm sure your homemade will be nicer! I'm impressed, I've never made a pie crust. It scares me a little bit!

Anonymous said...

Funny, first I thought this is satellite picture...

snowelf said...

Pecan pie is my favorite! I hope they turn out well. :)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Andy and the kitties!


Christine said...

No way Kim!! I looked everywhere! :( At least I know for next year, at least they turned out okay this year. lol