Year Two 67/365 : Cross Stitch and Football

A few days ago I won an auction on eBay for 150+ cross stitch magazines for £20. Since they would be so expensive to ship it was listed as pick up only. The lady selling them was in Blackpool which is about 28 miles away, so not that bad.

I talked Andy into going with me so that he could lift the plastic bin full of magazines the only trade off was that I had to drive... off we went. I am very pleased with the magazines! It will be a lot of fun to go through them all.

After we got back home we got ready to head off to Liverpool for the Everton match against Tottenham. Wow what a match! We went down 0-2 right after half time. With about 20 minutes left a lot of people started leaving.

I have a huge issue this! What kind of supporter can come to a match and then decide to leave with 20 minutes left to play? What kind of support is that? I find it ridiculous. There is a little old lady that sits in the front row of our section and every time we are down she comes up and complains to the steward that stands just behind me. She was having a right fit. Well she finally decided to go with 20 minutes to go.

Around 2 minutes after she left... Saha scored and the place went crazy. I think we have found our bad luck charm! As soon as she left we scored.

Then not too long after that Cahill scored again! I have been dying to see Cahill score at our end so that he could punch the corner flag in front of us. He does... and I was too busy screaming and jumping up and down to even watch.

Well then it got even crazier... in injury time the [idiotic] referee gave Tottenham a penalty. Well the crowd started chanting "USA USA USA" to pump up Tim Howard as he got ready to try to stop the kick. Did he stop it? Of course he did!

The place went crazy! Yes it was just a draw but I swear it felt like we just won the league. To come back after being 0-2 down and having so many people walking out and just giving up. I was so proud of the team to fight their way back and I am SO very happy that those jerks that left (including the complaining old lady) did not get to experience the last 20 minutes.

I swear if she complains to the steward behind me next time we are down I am going to turn around and tell her to go home because obviously when she does we start scoring!

High: 46°
Low: 45°
Forecast: Periods of Rain
Sunrise: 8:10 AM
Sunset: 3:52 PM

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Kim said...

I love how everyone chanted 'USA USA USA!' That's great!