Year Two 74/365 : Just Plain Stupid

So I know I have complained about this before and I may have even already taken a photo of it but I have to bring this up again.

'If' a store was open 24 hours why would they need a sign displaying their hours? You're right... they wouldn't. But as you can see above Asda clearly states that they are 'Open 24 Hours' but if you look at the sign they close on Saturdays at 10:00pm and open back up Sunday morning at 11:00am and close again at 6:00pm not to open up again until Monday morning.

This drives me crazy.

I have somewhat got used to the stores closing in England so early... and when I say somewhat it means just that. I still complain about the lack of late night shopping and having to make sure you have everything by a certain time so that you are not caught out with no where to go buy it. But to clearly display a sign saying 'Open 24 Hours' and to clearly not be open 24 hours... this is just stupid.

How do they get away with this? Obviously my American self has a different concept of this term. When I ask others around me they give me some excuse about Sunday trading hours, etc... This means nothing to me. If you are not open 24 Hours then do not put a sign up saying that you are. End of. If there is some law that prevents them from being open for a full 24 hours a day 7 days a week then fair enough but do not post the above sign.

Now of course my friends and family know how much I miss them but even my Mom will understand when I say that other than them the one thing I miss the most about the States is Wal-Mart. One stop shopping at it's finest. I know that Wal-Mart now owns Asda but it is not the same and not even close.

If you need something in regards to your latest craft project, Wal-Mart. Need to buy groceries, Wal-Mart. Have a DIY project around the house, Wal-Mart. Do you need to get your oil changed in your car, new car battery, new tires, Wal-Mart can do that and while you are shopping.

Oh Wal-Mart how I miss you...

Rant over.

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Kim said...

YES!!! Wes couldn't understand why it annoyed me that Tesco near his old place did the exact same thing! Do not claim you're open 24 hours if there are hours that you aren't open! That is false advertising!

Meg said...


Anonymous said...

Christine, I'm in the US, but that 24 hour thing would bug me too. I'd be yelling TELL THE TRUTH!
As for the other part of your rant, I would bundle up all the Walmarts and send them to you if I could. I prefer Target.

geeta said...

I hated it so much when I was in the UK! I was told to note that it doesn't say "24 hours/7 days a week" and so it is true that it's open 24 hours, just not every single day. WHATEVER!