Year Two 75/365 : Christmas Light Wish

I wish it were socially acceptable to keep Christmas (aka Fairy) Lights up all year. I love the glow from them at night and how pretty they make everything look.

Andy and I decided again this year not to put up a tree. Honestly with three cats we find this to be more hassle than it is worth. We can not seem to get them to not climb up it and this normally results in the tree getting mangled and torn up within a few days of putting it up.

However this year I have decided that after Christmas when all of the sales are on I am going to find a nice tree and next year it will be going up. This again will probably result in a headache next year when we come home to find it knocked over or messed up but I missing having one so we will give it a try. Plus if I can pick one up on a good deal it wont seem that bad if it gets a bit messed up.

Of course I will not be following the tradition they seem to have over here that the decorations should only go up 12 days before Christmas and taken down 12 days after Christmas. When I was growing up we always decorated our tree on Thanksgiving. After we ate and relaxed for a little while the tree and decorations went up. Then we took them down sometime after New Years. The longer they can stay up the better.

High: 38°
Low: 37°
Forecast: Periods of Snow and Rain
Sunrise: 8:19 AM
Sunset: 3:50 PM

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Anonymous said...

12 days before and after Christmas wouldn't work for me. I'd be pulling my hair out wondering why it still looks like Christmas when it's January. Christmas is done..MOVING ON!
December 13th is a little late. It's doable, but late. Mine has been up since the
5th and it will come down, be packed away and the house returned to normal by New Years Day. Roughly the same number of days, just shifted.