Year Two 76/365 : Game Night

After we ate dinner I made some delicious chocolate and caramel chip cookies and we played a couple board games.

I won the first game which was Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture however I do have to say it was a tight match. Andy always gets stuck on the same category which is 'Fads'. He blames him not being American since most of the fads that they ask about are from the 80's and 90's before he lived over there. However he did finally get all of the pies but I won before he had a chance to make it into the middle for his final question.

Then we pulled out the above game Scene It? which is one of my favorite games. However in the above picture you will see that there is a clear winner in the left circle... that is not me. Andy somehow pulled out a win and let me tell you he let me know about it. There was dancing around the room for a good few minutes. I tend to kick butt in movie games!

We also have Scene It? Friends Edition so maybe there will be a rematch soon!

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