Year Two 78/365 : The Stocking Were Hung

I found our Christmas stockings in a drawer last night. I still come across things that were brought over in the move. We sold a lot of stuff before we left America and I forget what we have and what we don't have. So I was happy to find these and they are now hung above the fireplace.

We have been in our house a year now so today the landlord came over because he had to test the smoke detectors in the house. He also brought somebody around to build us a new gate for the back garden. The old gate did not close properly and it meant anybody could just come in and out. However I am sure even with the new gate if somebody wanted to get in the back garden they would just climb over the walls. I felt bad because it started to snow a little bit and it was bitter cold and the poor man was outside while building the gate. We got talking a little bit and I did find it funny when he asked me if I was Irish. Not been asked that before! It was also strange the way he took his coffee... black with a little bit of salt added. That is odd.

When Andy got home from work I had dinner ready as we were soon after heading out to Goodison for the Europa League match against FC BATE Borisov. We had already qualified for the knock out stages so we ended up fielding a very young team. It was like watching a reserve match but by us going to this game it gave us 15 Loyalty Points each on our Everton Customer numbers. The more Loyalty Points you have the earlier you are able to buy away match tickets so when it comes to us playing Liverpool FC at Anfield hopefully it is going to matches like this which will give us enough points to get a ticket.

If you look up at the area around the lights you can see that it started to lightly snow while we were there. To be honest the snow was the most exciting part of the match. Oh and we were c - o - l - d . . .

High: 35°
Low: 22°
Forecast: Periods of Snow
Sunrise: 8:22 AM
Sunset: 3:51 PM

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Smocha said...

Sorry , I came ,I saw ,I read I know nothing about sports so I didn't comment.

I am however, wondering if you know what's up with Meg ?
You made her the little quilt so I'm assuming that you guys are pretty good friends. I'm a little worried because she hasn't posted .

In the Us , you have a baby they throw you out the next day...
Please let me know if you know how she's doing.

Thanks! Lena :)