Year Two 80/365 : Snow, Snow And More Snow

It started snowing this morning and they were the largest flakes I have ever seen! Was happy not to have to go anywhere and to admire the snow from inside our warm and cozy house.

I think the snow is beautiful and it does not bother me in the least. Unfortunately England does appear to come to a halt when it snows. They do not seem to have the infrastructure in place in order to handle poor weather and the traffic does get pretty bad.

But I can live with that... I say let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

And on another note I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to Meg and Matt who today December 19th at 3:57am welcomed their little one into the World. Once she is back up and at 'em at home I am sure she will be blogging away about the experience and their new bundle of joy. Love to you guys! xx

High: 33°
Low: 32°
Forecast: Periods of Snow
Sunrise: 8:23 AM
Sunset: 3:51 PM

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