Year Two 81/365 : Snow, Hail and Rain

We hit every kind of weather on our way to Liverpool today for the match. When we left Westhoughton it was snowing. Then we drove through some hail.

At one point it was even pouring down rain... Then it all of a sudden started snowing really heavy again.

However the strangest bit had to be when we got into Liverpool and there was blue sky and sun. It truly was weird as we only live a little over 20 miles away from Liverpool.

However in the top picture you can see that during the match it started raining and then hailing really bad. The poor players had to continue play and I know they had to be freezing... but then I thought about all of the money they get paid to be out there and I stopped feeling sorry for them.

High: 33°
Low: 30°
Forecast: Periods of Snow
Sunrise: 8:24 AM
Sunset: 3:52 PM

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