Year Two 84/365 : Productive Moment At Work

Today was fun with glitter pens time!

Honestly it was very hard to concentrate at work today. The ground is covered with snow, it looks beautiful out and there are only two days until Christmas... Work is not where you want to be. But I had to work today and I have to work tomorrow so I will make the most of it.

On a fun note... It also started to snow again tonight. Yay! I was sitting in the living room and I heard something on the front window. I went to check it out and found Pazzesca trying to catch the huge snowflakes as they came down. I managed to catch a bit of it on video... how cute is she?

Rooney however is very uninterested.

High: 35°
Low: 29°
Forecast: Increasing Clouds, Late Snow
Sunrise: 8:25 AM
Sunset: 3:53 PM

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