Year Two 122/365 : Still Unopened

When we all went out to The Rocky Horror Show I tried a Gaymers Pear Cider and loved it! I don't usually drink and I have never been drunk (yeah I know.. how is that possible when I have lived in England for 15 months...) but I did find the taste of this really nice.

Well before Christmas I bought three bottles with the thought that I could drink them at Christmas.

Well Christmas came and went... they were still unopened.

I then thought that New Years was right around the corner so I could just drink them then... that never happened.

Then at work Laura C and Laura M made a bet with me that if Everton beat Man City back on January 16th that I would go home after the match and drink one of them... well we won and as you can see they are still unopened.

I do like the taste but I just forget about them or figure it's not worth feeling a bit tipsy to have one. Cause yes because I don't drink even after the one bottle at Rocky I could really feel it! One day I will get around to drinking them though.

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