Year Two 95/365 : Grow Ivy Grow

I was watering my Devil's Ivy this morning and I thought about how I didn't think it had grown very much since getting it. So I decided to look at by my blog post for when I bought it and I was very wrong!

Look back on May 31st, 2009 and you will be able to see how much it has actually grown. Yay! I am not very good with plants but I have always found these types of Ivy plants easy. I miss the one I left with my Mom in the US, it was very long and very beautiful. A couple of that Ivy's arms had to be around 20+ feet each.

Happy to see this little guy seems to like me also!

Also wanted to say to those of you who are interested I have updated a lot of my completed and ongoing projects on my Crafty Christine blog so you can check it out also if you want.

High: 33°
Low: 29°
Forecast: Clouds and Sun
Sunrise: 8:26 AM
Sunset: 4:03 PM

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