243/365 : Devil's Ivy

This is the Devil's Ivy houseplant that I bought the other day at B&Q. I took advantage of yet another dry day by replanting him in a larger pot. I am glad I did because he was getting pretty root bound in the tiny one he came in. This should help him to grow much stronger and faster. Andy also was able to get out and plant his pepper plant seeds, this is the first time he has tried patio gardening so we will see how it goes.

Oh and yes I know my plant is considered to be toxic to cats which is why it is in the dinning room as the cats do not go in there. Was thinking about finding a hanging basket so that I could move it into the living room but if I did it would be very high and out of reach from the little ones!

High: 70°
Low: 48°
Forecast: Sunny
Sunrise: 4:48 AM
Sunset: 9:28 PM

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