Year Two 132/365 : So Disappointed

I love love love the Olympics! I am so looking forward to them starting on Friday (even though I wont be able to watch the opening ceremony until Saturday because of the time difference).

However... It got me thinking this morning about how much I am going to miss watching it on NBC. I will miss the Olympic song that they always play, I will miss the 'puff pieces' that they do on the athletes and I will very much miss Bob Costas!

The coverage over here is not going to be the same and I do have to admit it makes me a little sad.

Today at lunch I was looking on my iPhone for an Olympic App and found this one from NBC.! I was so excited. Until it finished downloading and I opened it up to find that it will not allow me to watch videos because I am not in the United States.

What the #$%&!?

Do they not know that there are Americans living outside the United States? NBC is a free TV station. Why would they block it?

I am sad again.

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bricarwaller said...

I felt the same way when I was trying to watch HGTV Canada. Most of the US programming are HGTV Canada productions, so I went on the HGTV.CA site and guess what you can only watch it if you live in Canada. Very Upsetting!!!!