Year Two 133/365 : Kevin Is...

a butt munch!

During the day there are letters that I have to write to clients and various other people but before they can be posted off they all have to be approved and signed.

Well Christian who normally does all of the signing is away for a couple of days so Kevin does it while he is away. Hannah was taking her signing down so she asked if anybody had any that needed to go also. I gave her mine... it was a bad mistake!

This is how it was brought back to me. As you can guess Kevin supports Liverpool FC (ugh I even hate writing it...) and he decided to deface my beautifully decorated signings folder.

This is why Kevin is a butt munch!

Now I will need to decorate a new folder. Maybe I'll make a blue Everton one!

Speaking of Everton... there was a night match tonight against Chelsea and we won 2-1. The atmosphere at Goodison was electric! I love night matches. And since our last one was against Manchester City and we won that 2-0 I am thinking the boys like playing under the lights also.

Oh and on a side note Liverpool got beat by Arsenal tonight 1-0. Double yay!

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