Year Two 159/365 : Customer Service? Pah-lease

After work Andy wanted to run to Game to pick up a new Playstation 3 game so I decided to go next door to Sport Direct. The last time I was in there they had these really great knee high socks. I bought a couple pair then but wanted to see if they had any more.

Finally after walking around searching for about 10 minutes I found this display and at the very tip top... there they were.

I didn't know how I was expected to get them down so I went over to the counter and asked, here is how that conversation went:

Me: Hi! I would like some of those socks at the top of that display, how would I get those down?

Worker: Which ones?

Me: Those at the very top, the knee length ones.

Worker: I'm sorry, what was that?

Me: (inside my head I was thinking 'let me repeat in slower English, yes that is right I ALSO SPEAK ENGLISH it just doesn't sound like your English) Those at the very top,the ones with the bright stripes.

Worker: Oh, have you looked around the store to see if there are any you can reach?

Me: Yeah I have and those are the only ones.

Worker: Are you sure? Have you looked over in the bargain area?

Me: Yep I have been looking for about 10 minutes but those are the only I could find.

Worker: Right well let me see if I can get you somebody to help.

Me: (inside my head I was thinking 'sorry I thought you were the one that could help') Right okay I'll just wait over by the display.



Finally went back over to the counter and asked again for help... she said somebody would be over right away. (This was after I had to pull her away from her private conversation with another co-worker)



Finally after waiting for about 10 minutes a kid comes over.

Kid Worker: Are you the one wanting the socks at the top?

Me: (inside my head I was thinking 'yeah sorry for actually wanting to buy some of your merchandise and sorry that you put it so high I couldn't get it myself) Yep that's me!

He got me a few pairs and brought them down. They were 50% off so at £1.29 a piece I wasn't walking out without a few of them.

I guess this whole exchange could have been worse though... At least I had two conversations and neither one of them asked me if I was American or why I would choose to live in England over America.

So yeah, it could have been worse.

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Anonymous said...

No, they were probably calling you a pushy American and wishing you'd go back 'home' since you made them actually do some work. lol

Sandy said...

Did someone say Customer Service! Funny! Thought of you today. It is a gloomy 35 degrees and it is snowing again, yeah you heard me snowing...again. I need sun, lots of sun!!! It's the first day of Spring,,,really!!!

misschicago said...

Oy vey. I understand you perfectly. I always feel like the storeowners there never need customers.
(p.s., good deal on the socks!)