I'm Back... But Not In The Same Way

I will be the first one to admit that I have failed and keeping my 365 Blog up and going for two years straight! Did very well until March and then something just happened... I realized that there isn't that much variety in my days and I was struggling to get pictures taken.

So... I took a much needed break away from posting and now I am back. There is a new look on the place and I have decided that my blog will simply be updated when I have something to share. Could be something interesting or it could just be something stupid. But either way it will be on my terms and not required on a daily basis. There are just not enough hours in the day to keep that up for more than a year.

So there it is. Glad to be back... hope you don't hate that there won't be a photo a day.

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Smocha said...

Welcome back! I agree, blogging every day would be more like a chore.

Hope the sun is shining out there:)

Anonymous said...

I just thought it was your maternal duties that needed attention.
I'm glad your back because your pictures really hit the spot as far as I'm concerned.

Now that guy can get down off the ladder.lol!

Meg said...

I'm sad, Christine...won't lie. But glad you're back nonetheless. :-)