My New Heart Rate Monitor

I would first like to apologize to you that find my new obsession with exercise and calorie counting boring but it's hard to find other things to write about right now for the simple fact that it is a 24/7 lifestyle change and so much of my time is centered around this right now.  I hope you don't find it too boring!

Anyway... Look what I got today.

This is my new heart rate monitor!  I have used it four times already and I can not say enough about how much I love it!  The chest strap is just worn during any kind of exercise and it transmits your heart rate to the watch. You are able to keep track of calories burned, heart rate, laps and much, much more.

After you are done you can go to the Polar website and by putting the watch next to the microphone on the laptop it will transmit all of the details it recorded directly to your profile where you can monitor your progress.

This is my main diary page. It loads the data into the time in which it was recorded and then you can click on it for more detail.

These are the overall details from the exercise. This was recorded during a 30 minute exercise video 'Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred'.  As you can see it shows my average heart rate and my maximum heart rate.

When you click on Training Zones...

It then breaks down the data into even more detail.  It will show you what percentage of time was spent in each Training Zone. I had no idea before starting all of this that there are better zones in which to keep your heart rate in as it will burn more fat in those zones.  For me the best zones to be in for this are Zone 3 & 4 (Green & Orange).

I would also like to say that of course when you do things such as exercise videos you have no idea how many calories you are burning as everybody is different. But on some machines, such as my treadmill, it has a calorie counter.  It had always told me that 3 miles = 424 calories. However now with my Heart Rate Monitor I know exactly how many I am burning which turns out to be more around 280! That is a big difference!

Okay enough about this... I think you guys get the idea of how much I love it!

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