Nappie/Diaper Cake!

At work we had a collection for Laura C. She is leaving us to go on maternity leave and won't be back for nine whole months!

She is a very creative crafty person so I knew she would appreciate something with a little thought and effort put into it.  So I discussed my idea with my co-workers and they all agreed she would love this gift.

Here is the before shot [after a long day of shopping in the 68° heat]...

After I found the colorful polka dot tea towels I knew that they had to be used and that it would be bright and beautiful.

Here is the after shot...

I couldn't really figure out a way to get the digital thermometer in the cake without taking up much needed diaper space so I decided to wrap it on the side.

So each level is made from folding and pinning the tea towels together and then rolling up diapers inside. It officially held around 85 or so.  Then all around the tiers, as you can see, I added little goodies for the baby.

My favorite part of the whole cake was the cute little caterpillar... how adorable?

I was off work on Friday but I took it in for Laura's last day and she LOVED it!  As we all knew she would.  I'm so glad it turned out so nice cause she deserves the very best!  I'm going to miss her loads over the next nine months. But I've already told her that there will be lots of visits.

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Smocha said...

That is amazing and adorable!