14/365 : Bring On The Rain

Finally... they have been set free! Not without me having to pay an arm & a leg for them of course! These umbrellas were my birthday gift from Andy. I am not really into 'fashion' and I do not buy expensive purses or shoes... But I do *love* umbrellas and scarves! Everybody has to have obsession right.. and mine just seem to be a little different from most others! : ) Since umbrellas and scarves have no place in Texas these were a perfect gift for my new home!

They were all nicely boxed up and were going to be my second bag on the plane but then the day we were flying out we decided to go buy another suitcase as we thought our three were too heavy. So on our way to drop the cats off in the cargo area we stopped by a Post Office in Chicago and mailed them off.

On Saturday (Oct 11) we got a letter delivered from Parcel Force more or less saying that my beautiful umbrellas were being held hostage for a ransom of £53.08 (at least that is how I read it). They were charging us Import Duty, VAT and a Parcel Force Handling Fee. *triple ugh* So I went to their website and reluctantly paid the £53.08 / $92.97 so that they would deliver my package.

And so they did, this morning!

Even with having to pay this price.. I am SO glad they are finally here and it was a bit of poetic justice as the Parcel Force guy had to deliver them in the rain this morning! : )

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Helen said...

Nice umbrellas! I'm a sucker for them too. My favourites are by Chantal Thomass. Have you seen hers? It not, have a Google. They're GORGEOUS! Very pricey, but absolutely gorgeous!

Meg said...

Ooo...pretty. :-) Sucks that you were charged extra when you already paid to have them shipped.

~Elizabeth~ said...

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your layout!!!
Is it standard, or did you create it?

Watson World said...

We have the rain you need here in Texas!! Also some cooler weather!! I LOVE IT!! Hopefully the cooler weather will stay!!