13/365 : Everton

Andy is very excited! We went into Bolton today so that he could purchase these tickets! Everton are going to be playing at Bolton on October 29th so he and James are going to go watch it.

When we came to visit last year (September '07) Andy, his dad and myself went to go watch Everton (at home) in a EUFA Cup Match. But this will be the first Premiership match he has gone to in quite a long time!

I did have to laugh when I was taking this picture... "Please remain seated at all times". Are they being serious? I mean I know football matches can get a bit rough and I am a bit nervous about Andy having to sit around Bolton fans (I have told him it may be best not to wear his Everton kit to the match).. and I am sure they 'want' them to sit down at all times to avoid issues but there is no way a true football fan can stay seated during an entire match.

Side note: What the heck is with the lack of public restrooms in this country? When I tell Andy I must find a bathroom he says two things to me 1) They are called toilets and 2) good luck finding one. Then we walk around forever to finally find one public toilet in a shopping mall. I almost didn't make it.

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Kim said...

Wes says the same thing to me about bathrooms. He was amazed when we were at Target in the US and they had a public restroom. Three words - Marks and Spencers. They're my saving grace.

T said...

you just need to recognise your 'i need a pee' signals earlier! ;-)