31/365 : High Tide

This morning at around 11:00am we walked down to the shore and found that unlike yesterday when we arrived into Blackpool at around 10:30am the tide was most definitely in now. The water was crashing against the sea wall. Andy made a comment that the Irish Sea always looks like dirty dish water... I have to agree from looking at it today.

We caught the train at the Blackpool Station and unfortunately it was the train that was going all the way into Manchester Airport so it was full of people with huge suitcases and of course after we were in line for 45 minutes waiting for the train to arrive there were people that just walked up and tried to form their own queue instead of getting to the back of the line. The nerve of some people.

We did end up actually getting seats which is good as I did not want to stand for the full hour.. However some were not so lucky. But again it drove me crazy because right in front of where we were sitting were four seats with a table in between them. There was a lady at one of them who was all by herself but she sat on the seat nearest the aisle leaving the seat at the window free. Then she took her suitcase and put it on the table instead of above her in the hold. There were people standing up around the doors and they never asked her to move over or if the other two empty seats on the other side of the table were free. She also had a look on her face as if she was daring somebody to ask. She better be glad that we had seats because I would have had no problem making her move her bag and sitting on the other side of the table.

I do love public transportation and I would much rather be using that option instead of having to drive myself but I think I am just understanding the worst part of using it... the 'public' part! : )

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