32/365 : My Moccachino

Andy and I went down to the pub today to watch Everton's match. This is what was left of the very yummy moccachino that I ordered. Everton ended up scoring a last minute goal and won 1-0 against Fulham. Yay!

We have James and Tracey's dog for the weekend as they are off to see a concert in Newcastle. Her name is Lily and she is a rescued Greyhound. She is such a sweetie! Seems like November 1st is when everybody in Westhoughton starts setting off fireworks in preparation for Bonfire Night on November 5th. She is SO scared of the fireworks going off that she has worked herself up into a little ball in between the love seat and the side dresser. I hope they don't go off all night so that she can get some sleep. I haven't been upstairs to our room to check on the cats but I'm sure they are not huge fans of the fireworks either.

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