34/365 : Obama To Win

While we were in Bolton today I ran into the bookies and placed a £1 bet on Obama to be the next US President! Seeing as how the odds are 1/12 I think they are pretty much predicting him as the winner just as everybody else is. Yay!

Andy says I should have put a £1 on McCain just in case and I told him it was not worth the money I could possibly win back as I would NEVER write McCain's name down for anything wishing for him to win.... No way.

To be honest my internal clock has just gotten used to the time here and now I have no idea how I'm going to handle tomorrow night. I'm thinking that if I were in the US I would start watching the election coverage at around 7:00pm EST and that will be midnight here. So I can either stay up all night to watch... and then just get some sleep in the morning or I can try to go to sleep early in the day and get a few hours and then wake up at midnight.. To be honest I'll probably just start watching at around 10:00pm and stay awake until it's official then go to sleep. We have a show to go to on Wednesday night but that's okay.. I don't want to miss a minute of this historic moment! : )

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