35/365 : History In The Making

Let me just start off by saying that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the British news. But to me finding a live feed of MSNBC Online made my day this morning! I watched it on and off all day and now I have been watching it non-stop since around 11:00pm GMT / 5:00pm CST. I don't even have to watch commercials when it breaks it just goes to a hold screen and then comes back.

Andy says it's silly that I would rather sit in front of my laptop to watch MSNBC rather then just watch the coverage on our TV. I did try to watch the British coverage earlier today when Obama was casting his vote with his family in Chicago. In fact at that time they had the exact same coverage feed as what was being shown on MSNBC but still... to me at least... it is just not the same. I found that they were spending quite a bit of time explaining the overall process of how the voting works, etc... Yes I know the coverage is meant for people that do not know which is part of the reason why I did not enjoy what I was watching.

I have always watched MSNBC, what would I do without Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann or Joe Scarborough? How would I live without Chuck Todd breaking down the numbers for me?


England I love you and I love living here... but when it comes to watching something as important to me as this and in fact history in the making... it has to be MSNBC all the way! : )

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Watson World said...

You are gonna win some money chica!!!