33/365 : White Faced Stripy One

This is our third cat... Rooney. He is from the same litter as Gallagher but they are both still 'true' brothers to Pazzesca as they have the same mom just different litters. Their mom was the neighborhood girl about town (if you know what we mean) and we affectionately named her Hussy. : ) But we finally tamed her enough to where my Grandma and Grandpa were able to take her into the Vet's to get her Spayed.

As with our other cats we took Rooney in when he was a tiny baby, in fact just after his eyes opened. We had to set our alarm every two hours to wake up to feed everybody with a little pet bottle and kitten formula. Rooney was the funniest when eating because he would run up to us and beg for more even when he had just had a full bottle. He was Andy's favorite so he always ended up giving him more. I remember this one time Andy picked Rooney up just under his front arms and his belly was SO big but he was still begging for more. Crazy.

This is Rooney's favorite toy. He loves to fetch them.. we throw it across the room and he runs after it. He throws it up in the air a few times and then brings it back to start the whole process again. You buy them in a bundle of 3 toys.. I was scared that we would not be able to buy any once we moved to England so just before we left I bought 6 packages with 3 toys each so he should be good to go for quite awhile!

Andy named Rooney and he gets his name from the English footballer Wayne Rooney. When we got him Rooney was playing for Andy's football team Everton. Wayne Rooney has been with Everton since he was a little kid and was going to be the next big thing.. well he currently is the big thing but.. Everton sold him several years ago and now he plays for Manchester United but we don't talk about that very often in our house. : ) When he was a baby before we properly named him we always called him the 'White Faced Stripy One'.

Here are some pictures of Rooney when he was a kitten.

See how he is eyeing that bottle he is not for sure if he wants the toy or more food! And yes in the other picture he is in a cardboard tape roll. He loved laying in that thing. He would crawl in and out of it with ease and just fall asleep with it around him. See he is crazy. : )

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