55/365 : Everton, Everton, Everton

Went to the Wigan v. Everton match tonight. We lost 0-1. *ugh*

We took the train into Wigan and Andy and I met James just outside the station. Andy and I had on our long sleeved Everton kits so there was no way that we would have been allowed into the pub where he was. When we walked out into the street there were hundreds of police. It still amazes me that they get so worked up about football matches.

However .. I did not grow up with Football but I have to say I absolutely love going to matches. This is the fourth Everton match I have been to and it is a lot of fun. I love the atmosphere and it was especially fun last night being in an away stadium but sitting with thousands of other Everton fans. Love the cheering, the cursing and the chants. Great time!

My only complaint is that Wigan's football ground is more than a mile from the train station, it was cold and I did not wear proper walking shoes. Note to self for next time.

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