90/365 : Face-Plant

I have no idea what was up with Rooney (left) and Gallagher (right) but for some reason they both found themselves sleeping face down on the back of each of our sofas today. The picture of Rooney was taken this morning and Gallagher this evening. To me it does not look very comfortable... but it must be.

I had to go back to work today after having 5 days off. That time seemed to go very quickly! Thankfully I only have to work Monday and Tuesday then I have Wednesday and Thursday off. I then go back in on Friday then have Saturday and Sunday off... so all in all it is not that bad.

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Meg said...

Aw, I'll bet they had cold noses. I used to sleep like that in my apartment sometimes last year when I was too cold. My air-mattress deflated and I ended up sleeping on the floor the last 6 months I lived there. It was pretty cold in the winter for being NC.

Brianne said...

My cat sleeps that very same way! She started doing it a few months ago. It is the most precious thing.

Rob and Aimee said...

So cute, but seems it would make it a bit difficult for them to breathe sleeping that way?!!