111/365 : Get In There Timmy!!!

The weather reports were correct! The snow did not start until around 1:00pm but it was coming down pretty heavy for several hours. By the time we left work it took us around 15 minutes to clean off the car enough to be able to drive away.

I love when it snows and since we were living in Texas for close to four years before we came to the UK we went quite a while without having any snow. It was very much missed by the both of us.

Tonight after we got home from work we decided to go down to the Chippy for tea because neither of us felt like cooking because the Liverpool v. Everton match was starting at 8:00pm. Shortly after kick off Andy's dad came down to watch with us.

Steven Gerrard scored in the 68th minute... boo... hiss...

Then in the 87th minute, when it appeared to be all over... Tim Cahill had a wonderful header into the net to tie it up 1-1. Woo Hoo! I am in love Tim but it's okay Andy is cool with it.

It is amazing how much I am falling in love with Football since we moved over here. It has always been something that I did not really mind watching with Andy in the States but it is not like I would go out of my way to watch. However, since we have arrived here I have found myself more and more into watching the matches with Andy. I love going to the matches live but it really is a lot of fun to watch them on the TV also.

This Sunday they play each other again in the FA Cup match so I know where we will be at that time.

And last but not least... Today is my sister birthday so...


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