117/365 : Make The Movement Stop

You may look at this photo and think.... why in the World did she post this? Well this is the best way I can express how I felt today.

It started at around 3:00am this morning. I woke up to use the bathroom and when I stood up to get out of bed I immediately fell backwards onto the bed. I tried again and the same thing happened. I sat there for a minute or two and tried to focus on the alarm clock and it was very difficult the numbers kept bouncing all around. Finally I stand up and make my way to the bathroom but I had to hold both of my hands out and steady myself on the walls. I made my way back to bed and fell asleep.

When I finally woke up later it was not nearly as bad as earlier but I was feeling dizzy all day.

So the above picture gives you an idea of how I felt all day... like crap.

On a better note the Liverpool v. Everton FA Cup Match was tonight and it ended in yet another 1-1 draw! The replay is scheduled for next Wednesday February 4th and this time they will be heading back to Everton's grounds (Goodison Park) and Andy and I are going to try to get tickets. Wish us luck!

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FutureMrsC said...

Hope you feel better!

John said...

You had better check that out if it continues.