118/365 : Goodison Here We Come!!

Andy and I were able to get two tickets to the FA Cup replay set for next Wednesday at Goodison Park. Woo Hoo!

So as you can see they are £39 each so a little bit higher then a normal match but boy is it going to be fun. Since Everton and Liverpool are from the same area there has always been a rivalry there and when they play each other it is called the 'Merseyside Derby' (and don't call it a der-by it is pronounced dar-by... if you say der-by you will get teased like I did at work). I have not yet been to a derby match so I am very excited! This will be the third time these two have played each other in two weeks. It has been crazy.

Not much else is going on... I feel much better today and have not been really dizzy. There was a moment on the bus (this week are my 1:30 - 9:30 shifts) where I felt a little faint but I think that is only because it was close to around 110 degrees on the bus. I am not joking. I know it is cold outside but they would probably save a lot on petrol if they did not try to keep it so warm.

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