98/365 : Told You To Go!

Meet Charlie's foot. Charlie's foot refused to go to see the doctor and has been in agony since New Year's Eve. Well guess what? Charlie's foot finally decided to go see the doctor... and has found out that it is broken in not one but two places. Silly Charlie's foot!

Charlie is a friend that sits next to me at work. Can you believe that she has been limping around with a swollen and bruised foot/ankle since New Year's Eve. I have been telling her since it happened to go to the doctor's office to have some X-Rays done... but oh no. The reasoning? "I will have to sit and wait for like 4 to 5 hours". My response... "IT IS FREE!!! GO!!!"

Well finally she went and yes, she has broken her foot in two places. They wrapped the above all around it and tomorrow she has an appointment with a fracture guy to see if they need to put a cast on it. Of course it has not cost her anything, and they gave her a fancy arm brace to use when walking. When I fell and sprained my ankle in the US it cost me quite a bit to go to the doctor and they charged me an arm and my leg for a pair of crutches to take home.

Oh, and don't you just love the shoes? It was all she could get around the wrapping and even then she could not close the shoe all of the way.

All kidding aside, I hope you feel better Charlie!

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Meg said...

No kidding, it's free!!! I had to go to the ER in Charlotte one night in 06 when I was having an issue with the gallbladder. Sucker cost me nearly $800!! Just for a stupid ultrasound and lytocaine (sp?)cocktail.

Flowing Desert Photography said...

I guess it depends on your insurance. For me an ER visit is currently $150 and a regular Dr office visit is $15. I can live with that as long as I'm not going to the ER every week.

Hope Charlie's foot gets better :)