127/365 : Everton 1 - Liverpool 0

This was easily the best match I have ever been to!

The previous match which took place at Liverpool's ground ended 1-1 which is why the match came to Goodison tonight. Since this was a replay it meant that it could not end in a tie. The score stayed 0-0 during the first and second half which meant that it was going to extra time.

This consists of two halves of 15 minutes each. And it was still scoreless after the first 15 minutes... If it stayed tied then it meant it would next go to penalties and Andy was quite nervous about this and says that that Everton is not that good at being able to win when it goes to those.

Then... it happened... finally at minute 118 (only 2 minutes left).. little Dan Gosling (only 19 years old) is up against 3 to 4 Liverpool players, kicks it and IT GOES IN!!! I swear I have never seen anything like it when it happened.

We were sitting on the side of the goal and it was seriously like everything went into slow motion and it seemed like he was never going to take the shot and then... it just went in and everybody went crazy!! Andy started jumping all around people were coming over to hug other people that they did not even know... there was screaming and singing... it was GREAT!!

It was just very exciting and I am so very glad that we got tickets to go. In fact we loved the seats we were sitting in quite a lot. That is why I picked the above picture because it shows how close we were. If these two seats are available when season tickets come up for sale we have both decided that we would be happy to have them. The only issue is that there are actually two seats in between us but the man that sits in those two seats brings his young son and they have season tickets. He had no problem with letting Andy and I sit by each other which was very nice of him. Also because Andy has been wearing his bright yellow Everton 3rd Kit (as it is lucky) you can pretty much see him during the entire match when watching it back. Great seats!!

So... since we have made it past round 4 it is time to bring on the 5th! It is going to be played on Sunday February 15th and yes, of course, we have already bought our tickets and we were able to get these same two seats. Yeah!! We did not get home until close to 1am but they were already up for sale online and we wasted no time at all.

I have posted the goal below.. please take a minute or two to watch and you will get an idea of what it was like to be there!

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