128/365 : I'll Shag You (Not Me.. Them!!)

Andy and I went back to the Apollo tonight as we had tickets to go see Russell Brand. It was such a funny show and I was in tears for most of it.

Sorry for the poor quality shot but you know how hard it is to take a decent photo in bad lighting and above all of the heads... especially when he was down in the crowd and not up on the stage. It also did not help that the girl in front of me thought it would be a good idea to wear a wooly hat to a an indoor gig and to keep it on the entire time. Who does that?

Russell walked around the floor and brought these girls back up to the front with him.. their sign said:

I'll Shag You...
You can even tell my Grandad!

Note: I wonder if they know it is supposed to be Granddad?

Now.. for those of you that are unaware as to what this sign is referring to... Soon after Andy and I moved to the UK there was a big hub bub about Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross because on his Radio Show he called up an actor that had been a no show and ended up talking about how he had had sex with his granddaughter and even made up a song and sung it over his answering machine.

I found it very funny! But a lot of people wrote and called into BBC saying that it should have never been aired. The show was not live and BBC got into trouble for playing it. Jonathan Ross was suspended from his job for several weeks but Russell ended up resigning.

I really have no idea what the big deal was. How can what they were saying that day be any worse then anybody being able to pick up 75% of the newspaper here and find a picture of a topless woman within the first few pages? These are not newspapers that are in plastic... these are just laying around for anybody to pick up. How can that be okay and the jokes they were making that day be worse? They were both adults, I am assuming she was not opposed to having sex with Russell as I am sure there are many women that would not mind and many women that have already done so.

Anyway... that is my rant done. The show was very very funny and I am so glad we were able to get tickets! We are still tired from not getting back until late last night and we are working 8am - 4pm this week but you only live once... what is a little sleep deprevation?

Russell is also very good at improve because there was several times that he would get off track because there were so many women yelling things at him while he was talking.

Great night out!

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FutureMrsC said...

*is jealous*

I LOVE Russel Brand. He's one of Ian's favorites as well. Glad the show was amazing. :)