136/365 : Sick, Sick, Sick

Well it is official... my cough and sore throat has turned into a full blown epidemic. *ugh* I completely blame me getting so many colds on the fact that I did not get a flu shot this year, a mistake that I will not make next year. I have gotten a flu shot for so many years now but it just did not happen because of the move this year. I had not yet registered with the local surgery when they were giving them so I missed out.

My plan is to rest, rest, rest because we are back to Liverpool on Sunday for the FA Cup 5th round match against Aston Villa. The match starts at 2:30pm so at least I will not be as cold as I was during the night match against Liverpool. No matter how I feel I am still going... so I should at least rest a little to feel the best I can.

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