139/365 : Moo!

Paul, a co-worker (seen here) drew this for me. I have it hanging on my cubical wall. It is used as my constant reminder of how much better the British are than the Americans. Ha.

The people at work get a kick out of how I say certain things... for example:

1) Status: I say "Stat us", they say "Stay tus"
2) Data: I say "Dat a", they say "Day ta"
3) Dude: I say "Dude", and they... well they just do not say it at all

There are plenty more but this gives you guys a glimpse into a day in my life. Paul and I were having one of our wonderful conversations and he actually told me that the British invented the cow (hence the above drawing), when I questioned this he pointed out that it was not the cow itself but what to do with the cow that they figured out. Classic.

I actually love my little laughs with the people I work with. I was talking to Andy tonight about how funny it is to tease each other about the way things are said and he says this is what it was like for him the US. I do not get offended by anything I just get to have a a good laugh!

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Meg said...

This post made Matt laugh. Also, he wanted me to tell you that he DOES say 'dude,' and I can vouch for him that he does, hehe.

I like Paul's cow. Can Paul draw me a picture? Hehe.

snowelf said...

Hehe! I love Paul's cow! That is too cute!

When I was in Pittsburgh, we were joking about milk, because I had some milk with my dinner and they were picking on me. I was like "No, the milk is really good here!!" And since I live in Wisconsin, we have very good milk, too. But my friend from Chicago started laughing and said "Our milk sucks, it probably comes from rats and cockroaches since they don't let cows in the city anymore after one burned it down." It cracked us up.

How is the milk over there? ;)