140/365 : My Touristy Moment

This week is my 1:30pm - 9:30pm shift (details here) which means that I take the bus part of the way into work. Well I was sat at the bus stop today and when I saw bus #615 coming my way I was SO very excited. It was a double decker! YAY!

I see a few of them drive by from time to time but have not had one on my route, until today. I was like a little child. I showed the driver my week pass and made my way up the stairs to the top level. Too be honest I had to wait to snap the above picture because I already felt like too much of a tourist to be this excited about riding on the top of the bus... so I waited until there was nobody else around so that I could get a good picture.

Very exciting times!

Tomorrow if it is a double decker again I am going to go to the top and try to sit a bit closer to the front. Today there were a couple kids there so I could not... darn kids! There is this massive hill that we have to go up at one point and I swear I thought the bus was not going to make it today. I have not noticed this issue before so it must only be the double decker that has the problem. So if I get lucky enough to ride on one tomorrow again I am going to try to record going up the hill so that you guys can see how hard it churns to try to make it up.

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Jim said...

I share your excitement.
One of the last times I rode on the upper deck I heard a teenager say to her friend "who does he think he is, John Wayne?" I think it was because I was taking up almost two seats. Well it wasn't crowded. Lesson here. Only take up one seat so as not to mess with the natives.

Meg said...

Haha...you're ALMOST as geeky as me. I was so embarrassed taking a photo outside the dental surgery yesterday. Well, I was actually okay with it until I got into the car and noticed the car facing us had someone in the passenger seat and he was looking at me as if to question why the hell I was taking a photo of the dentist's office.

I don't care...I have 6 months left, IMO, to pretend I'm visiting.

P.S. I can't wait to ride a double decker!!

snowelf said...

See Christine, you're not alone. ;) I've always wanted to ride a double decker bus too! :)