175/365 : Hi Mom, Hi Dad!

Rooney was waiting for Andy and I when we got home. The cats love sitting up in this window!

Tonight Tracey, James, Andy and I went to Red Chilli for tea.. yummy!!

It was raining off and on all day but when we went to leave the house at around 7:30pm it was raining really hard. Can I just say.. thank goodness for our sat nav! We have been taking it with us most of the time even if we know the way because it also updates on traffic. Well we went to turn down the normal road and it was closed! If it were not for our little guide we would have been in a bit of trouble getting there. All we had to do was hit, alternate route, avoid roadblock and presto... new directions! Great stuff.

Oh, just to point out... yes that is a little palm tree in the front garden across the street. and yes this is England and not some tropical destination.

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