177/365 : What The ?

I was walking up the stairs and saw a beautiful orange glow from outside so I ran back down the stairs to grab my camera and then went back up to our spare room. This picture does not do justice to the beautiful colours that are actually going on but take my word for it.


I looked across from me to the house just behind ours and...

There was a very strange reflection glowing on the side of their house...

I took a few pictures the shape never really changed but then as the sun went down further and clouds went across the sky it just went away. Very odd. I am thinking it has to be a circular window from a house in our section but it still looked very odd. Tomorrow night if it is clear again I am going to see if the reflection comes back again as the sun is setting. If I can not see it again then I will start to think it is even stranger.

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Rob and Aimee said...


Did it come back?

Did you figure out what it was?!