178/365 : Tiny

Andy and I went to the cinema after work and the GPS always has us go the back way into Bolton. It is a nice little drive because it takes us up toward Winter Hill but in two places there are these little... things... Can't even really explain them and I have no idea why they are there but here is a picture.

It makes the road so tiny. It really makes me laugh because I think of all of the huge trucks and SUVs in the States and there is no way they can make it thru this tiny space. Andy hates going thru them because he thinks he is going to run into one of them.

We went to go see Knowing and it was actually pretty good. Not that I thought it was going to be bad... the ending was a little odd but overall I liked it.

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giggloki said...

I thought these barriers (for a lack of a better term) were bizarre also. Then my boyfriend explained they were there to slow down traffic. You usually find them before you get to a town or village. That was his explaination anyway. :)