179/365 : Flowers

I had to work today so Andy had to take me this morning and then came back after me at 5:00pm. I did not have my camera ready and missed a great picture! There was a car stopped in the middle of the road and I could not see why both directions had stopped. Then I saw... there was a family of ducks crossing the road with the Mommy leading the way and around three of four babies following her lead. It was so very cute but I could not get my camera out in time. *ugh*

So I took it out just in case more babies ducks made their way across the road later but no luck. Instead I tried to get a picture of the daffodils that are now showing up everywhere but it seems to have focused on the houses rather then the flowers but you get the idea. It is truly starting to feel like Spring. We even set our clocks forward tonight!

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